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Reva's Rabbitry- Holland Lops

Rochester, NY


Holland Lops

The Hallmark Breed

I purchased my first purebred Holland Lop over 15 years ago. Mocha was a black tort doe and had an exceptionally friendly and gentle personality. I adored her!

In early 2019 I attended a rabbit show in Western NY and saw the most gorgeous Holland Lops. I was hooked! I invested in quality breeding animals, found a great mentor, and started Reva's Rabbitry. Although showing and breeding rabbits is just a hobby, I have been blessed with amazing mentors and great friends along the way. 

I breed rabbits according to the ARBA Standard of Perfection. However, not all rabbits that I produce are show quality, so pets will be available intermittently. If you are interested in purchasing a rabbit, please read my Sales Policy