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Sales Policy

Updated 1/4/2021

***Sending a nonrefundable deposit implies that you have read and agree to all terms set forth in this sales policy.

-It is illegal in the state of New York to sell a rabbit under the age of 8 weeks. I do not sell or give away rabbits under the age of 8 weeks for any reason.

-I do not hold rabbits without a deposit. 

-I reserve the right to refuse or cancel a sale at any time. If I choose to cancel a sale, any money put forth by the buyer will be refunded within 24 hours of cancellation. 

-ALL rabbits come with transitioning food.

-I DO accept nonrefundable deposits for pet quality rabbits and maintain a waiting list. **Availability of color and sex is NOT guaranteed**

-Available pet quality rabbits will be offered to buyers in the the order deposits are received. Otherwise, it's first come, first serve

-If you choose to put down a nonrefundable deposit for a pet quality holland lop, you will have 24 Hours to respond with your pick of available pet quality rabbits when they turn 8 weeks old. If you do not choose a rabbit, you may put the deposit towards the purchase of a different pet quality rabbit no later than six months from the first selection date. After that, any remaining deposits will be forfeited by the buyer.

-A deposit on a pet quality rabbit does not guarantee pick of the litter. 

-Pet quality rabbits may have faults such as, but not limited to, a split penis, white spot, missing toenails, mis-colored toenails, or kinked/missing tail. These rabbits will NOT be eligible for a pedigree under any circumstances. I do not sell/breed/give away rabbits with malocclusion (butting teeth IS malocclusion!) or crippling defects under any circumstances. Any known faults will be disclosed prior to sale.

-I will be honest about a rabbit's breeding and mothering ability, but make no guarantees on how a breeding rabbit may perform for you. There are too many factors in play and rabbits can be finicky. 

-I make no guarantees to how a rabbit may perform at a show or how a rabbit will look when it is mature. Winning animals are rarely bought, they are made. 

-The Holland Lop SOP calls for an animal weighing between 2-4lbs. A 'brood' quality animal or pet may grow to be larger than that. I make no guarantees as to how many lbs your rabbit will grow to, but will make an honest estimate upon request. 

-I do not guarantee the sex of a pet quality rabbit under the age of 12 weeks. Some young rabbits can be difficult to definitively sex at 8 weeks due to their small parts. Upon pick up, I will show you the sex, teeth, and nails. 

-I do not sell sick or otherwise unhealthy rabbits under any circumstances. 

-At the point of sale, my rabbits are healthy to the best of my knowledge.

***After the rabbit leaves my possession, I am no longer in control of its care, environment, or what it may be exposed to. In the instance that your rabbit dies within 24 hours, contact me immediately. A replacement of equal or lesser value will be considered if the death was not caused by, but not limited to: abuse, unnecessary stress, injury from people or animals, extreme temperature changes, mishandling (excessive handling, being dropped), neglect, or inappropriate feeding (such as giving fresh foods before six months). No refunds will be given. I am not responsible for covering any vet costs under any circumstances. 

-In the event where you no longer want your rabbit or are unable to care for it, I will take the rabbit back at any point in its life, no questions asked. No refunds will be given. 

Rabbits on third party transport:

-Your rabbit must be paid for in full before going on transport, or within 24 hours of securing transport. 

-I am not responsible for transport costs under any circumstances. I reserve the right to refuse the use of a transporter. 

-I will not allow a rabbit younger than 10 weeks to go on transport. Very young rabbits are prone to stress-induced GI distress which can be fatal.

-Transport is stressful on animals. I cannot control the care provided, or what your rabbit may be exposed to during transport. Rabbits can pull/break teeth and toenails during transport. If your rabbit goes on transport, I make no guarantees after the rabbit is delivered to the transporter. Exceptions would be made with a written diagnosis from a licensed vet. Please contact me immediately if any problems arise during or after transport. 

-Not all transporters check the animals for teeth/sex/nails. Prior to transport (day before) I will provide video showing ear #, sex, teeth, and nails.

-If you do not agree to any of these terms, do not buy a rabbit from me. 

Thank you!