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Reva's Rabbitry- Holland Lops

Rochester, NY


Care Guide

-Give unlimited access to fresh, potable water. 

-I feed free-choice pelleted food until the rabbit reaches the age of four months. The food I provide is 17% protein alfalfa based, which is ideal for young growing rabbits.

-RABBITS REQUIRE A COMPLETE & BALANCED PELLETED FOOD. Pellets provide all the essential vitamins and minerals that your rabbit needs to survive. 

-If you choose to switch to a different pelleted food, mix the new food in gradually over the period of a week to avoid upsetting your bunny’s stomach. Avoid any feed that is mixed with fruit or seeds. Your bunny will become a picky eater, dig through his bowl, and the sweet fruits and seeds are not healthy for them. When your bunny reaches four months of age, you may reduce the amount of pellets to maintain good body condition. This can vary between animals, generally it is anywhere between 1/2-1 cup of food per day. 

-You may give a handful of horse or pet quality hay, or as much as your bunny will consume in a day. Hay helps to clear any fur blockages during a ‘molt’ (when your rabbit sheds its coat similarly to a dog or a cat). Timothy, timothy/alfalfa mix, oat, or orchard hay is suitable for rabbits. You may also give hay cubes which I prefer since they are much less likely to transmit parasites or mites. 

-For the first six months, DO NOT give your rabbit any fresh greens, fruits, or vegetables This can cause a life threatening condition called bloat, which rabbits usually do not recover from.

-After your rabbit is six months or older, you can safely give fresh greens and certain veggies in moderation. Gradually introduce any new foods.

    -GOOD: Parsley, cilantro, baby spring mix, dandelion greens, strawberry tops, carrot tops.

    -NO Iceberg lettuce, cabbage, broccoli, LIMIT carrot intake as they are high in calcium. Limit sugary fruits.

-Litterbox training does not always transfer immediately. Be patient and diligent. Put any stray poops into the litterbox. I use horse stall pine pellets in my litterboxes.

-If you have any questions or concerns, do not hesitate to contact me.